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How To Make Your Farm Wedding Venue Unique And Stunning

Martha Montgomery

Finding a unique and fun venue for your wedding can be a challenge. You may want the perfect mix of a rustic and beautiful setting but you want that venue elevated so it's elegant and stunning. You can have the best of both worlds. You simply choose a farm wedding. How do you make a farm wedding unique and stunning?

Here are some ideas to help make your farm wedding venue elegant and beautiful for your special day.

Use The Entire Venue

When you plan a farm wedding, you are going to have a lot of space to work with. You most likely will have access to either the farmhouse or the barn and potentially both. You will also have access to a large part of the property as a whole. Instead of limiting yourself to just the farmhouse or the barn for your wedding venue, use the entire space available to you.

You could provide both an inside and an outside experience for your wedding. You could have an outside wedding under the trees or in one of the meadows and then head inside the barn for the reception, or vice versa. Or, you could set up dining areas in either space with a buffet or candy tables along with an elegant sit-down dinner.

Use The Farm's Foliage And Flowers

Some farmland is beautiful with the fields of flowers and growing vegetables. It can give a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere to your wedding. You can extend that feeling inside or to your outdoor wedding as well. Simply use the farm's actual foliage and flowers as a backdrop and decoration.

You could choose a spot on the farm where the flowers are blooming and creating a beautiful blanket of color. You could pick some of those flowers, if the farm's owner says it's OK to, and use them for your ceremony and reception. If it's a fall wedding, you could use some of the dried corn husks or pumpkins are a beautiful backdrop as well.

Use The Farm's Own Grown Food

If you are able to, you could have your caterer use the farm's own vegetables that they grow in your reception dinner. It's possible the farm you are booked at provides catering for weddings, especially if they book a lot of them in a year. You could use the farm's own catering options and enjoy the freshest vegetables and meats in the area.

For more information, check out farm wedding venues in your area.


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