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Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

Throw a Movie-Themed Sweet Sixteen Party

Martha Montgomery

If your daughter is a movie buff and enjoys everything from classic horror flicks to comedy films, use a movie theme for her 'Sweet Sixteen' party. Turning sixteen is a milestone that many adolescents enjoy spending with their peers. Sweet Sixteen party venues that include a dining area and plenty of room for custom activities will provide an ideal setting for the festivities.

Choose a Genre or a Specific Movie

Your theme will assist a party planner with recommending decorations, activities, and food items that will be fitting for the occasion. When you contemplate various venues, review the packages that are offered and the amount of freedom that you will have to bring in outside equipment or materials. You could possibly create a makeshift movie theater that includes rows of chairs, a flatscreen monitor, dim lighting, and wall partitions.

This type of setup will provide a private area for your daughter and her guests to enjoy a movie after eating or participating in social activities. If your daughter is fond of a specific movie type more than others and you want to use the genre as the theme of the party, purchase old movie posters to hang up inside of the venue. If you are going to go with a distinct movie as the overall theme, use the title, memorabilia from the movie, and props that are symbolic of specific scenes in the movie to decorate the rental space.

If the venue features a catered menu, incorporate your theme into the listing of food items that will be offered. The head caterer can help you come up with some original names that correlate to the movie theme or maybe dishes of food can be garnished with toppings that will spell out words or depict a character or an object that is featured in the movie.

Prepare Table Coverings, Goodie Bags, and Activities

Venues that serve wedding guests often provide a planning crew who will assist with table coverings and place settings. A venue that caters to a younger crowd will probably be no different. Choose coverings that contain colors that fit into your theme. Use custom centerpieces that tie into the movie industry. At wedding receptions and informal parties, gifts are often handed to the guests. Purchase DVDs, movie tickets or discount coupons, popcorn, and other items that relate to the movie industry to fill each goodie bag.

Offer some activities to get everyone up and moving. A rendition of charades that involves acting out a scene of a movie or a dress-up competition, which involves using your daughter's favorite characters and requesting that her friends wear the costumes and take group photos, could be a lot of fun.


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