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Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

Here's What Should Be Included In The Wedding Venue Package You Invest In

Martha Montgomery

Investing in a wedding venue package is a great first step to planning the wedding of your dreams and will help pave a clear path to successfully executing the event. Here are a few important things that should be included in the package you decide to purchase:

Basic Equipment

Instead of having to rent all of the equipment you will need for your wedding ceremony and reception, you should be able to count on the venue you're using to provide you with at least basic pieces of equipment at no extra cost. Make sure the facility can provide some or all of the following:

  • Tables and chairs

  • Chair covers and tablecloths

  • Lighting

  • A podium and microphone system

Ask for a complete list of equipment options that will be available for use on your wedding day so you can plan accordingly and make sure that nothing important is overlooked. If equipment is not available that you think you'll need for your big day, ask the facility to provide you with some referrals to reliable rental companies that can help you.

Decorating Support

It will likely take a lot of manpower and time to decorate for your wedding reception, so it's a good idea to make sure that the wedding venue package you choose includes decorating support. As long as you drop the decorations off beforehand, the staff at the facility can start putting everything together so your wedding party can focus on other aspects of the event that are just as important.

You can have the flower company and any other service provider you're working with deliver decorations directly to the wedding venue. This way, you won't have to worry about transporting it all yourself or finding a friend or family member to delegate the legwork to. The facility may even be willing to source several of the decorations for you, such as table centerpieces and wall hangings, if you don't want to keep them as mementos once your reception is over.

Meal Service Options

Another thing your wedding venue package should include is meal service options. Whether you prefer a buffet or a set menu, the facility should have kitchen space and chefs on hand to prepare everything and make sure that the food is served fresh and hot on your big day. Even if predetermined menu options are available to choose from, you should be able to customize those options to accommodate the dietary restrictions that some of your guests might have.


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