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Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

3 Things To Consider When Asked To Give A Stepfather-Of-The-Bride Speech

Martha Montgomery

If you have a close relationship with your stepdaughter, and you have been asked to give a speech or toast at her wedding, you have been granted a rare honor. Writing a speech or toast for a wedding can be a tough task no matter who you are, but being the stepfather of the bride puts you in a rather unique position. When writing your speech, here are a few things you want to consider.

1. Start with Your Feelings About the Bride and Groom

One of the best ways to start your speech is by talking about your feelings concerning the bride and the groom and your family's interaction with them.

  • Did the bride and groom meet at college? Do you have stories of your daughter telling you about meeting or hanging out with their now spouse?
  • Did they meet at work? Do you have stories of how they knew that it was something more between them?
  • Has your family spent time with them as a couple? What are some things you did together?

Think about what you know about the bride and groom as a couple and share how they came into your family's life as a couple, and what they mean to your family.

2. Describe Your Stepdaughter Over the Years

Next, in the middle of your speech, this is where you can steer away from talking about the couple, and just talk about your daughter. This is where you can talk about how proud you are to see your daughter grow up.

You can talk about experiencing your daughter grow up, changes she went through, and how you see how she has matured. You can share a cute story at this point, but don't go overboard and embarrass your daughter; this is where you get to talk about your personal connection and feelings to the bride.

3. Wrap up With Well Wishes

Finally, you want to wrap-up your speech with well wishes for the bride and groom as they embark on this new journey together. This is where you share your wishes for the couple as they go forward and have everyone toast to their happiness or something similar.

The point of a wedding speech is to express your feelings about the new couple, honor the relationship you have with your stepdaughter, and offer her and her spouse well wishes for the future. It doesn't have to be really long your speech just needs to convey that you care about the couple and your daughter.


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