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Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

Wedding Dress Styles That Will Hide Your Extra Weight

Martha Montgomery

If you carry some extra weight around your midsection, you may frequently look for clothing that does an effective job of concealing this part of your body. When it comes to choosing a wedding dress, you'll likely want to take the same approach. A visit to your local wedding dress boutique will quickly make it apparent to you that there are some dresses that are good for concealing extra weight — and there are some that are best to wear only if you have a slim stature. Speak to your dress consultant to share the look that you're going for, and he or she will likely steer you toward one of these styles of dress. 

Ball Gown

A ball gown wedding dress can be a good choice for a woman who is carrying some extra pounds around her waist. Ball gown dresses can vary in design, but you'll generally find that they flare out significantly at the midsection. Depending on where exactly you carry your extra weight, you should have a wide range of choices of dress that flare out in a manner that conceals your weight behind the bulkiness of the fabric.


Although many petite women choose trumpet wedding dresses for their form-fitting design, this is a style that can definitely look good if you're carrying a few extra pounds. This type of dress has a slimmer silhouette than a ball gown but is often less tight than a mermaid dress. This means that if you love the idea of wearing something that is a little on the tighter side but not so tight that you feel self-conscious about your figure, a trumpet dress may be the right choice for you. Trumpet dresses can vary significantly, so have your consultant pull out a few that will complement your shape.


Another type of wedding dress to consider when you're keen on choosing a garment that will hide your extra weight is an empire dress. One feature that many empire dresses possess is a waist that sits high on your torso — generally, right beneath your chest. The position of the waist means that the dress flows outward from that point, which can be effective for giving you a flattering look. Another feature that you'll like about the empire design is that it's more comfortable than other styles of dress that have their waist around your actual midsection. By choosing one of these dress designs, you'll be stylish and confident when you walk down the aisle.

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