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Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

Avoid Challenges Planning A Big Wedding With The Right Reception Venue

Martha Montgomery

Choosing a reception hall when planning your wedding can be daunting with so many options available. To avoid running into a lot of challenges with getting your wedding planned, it's best to see how different some of the venues can be for hosting your reception.

If you are at a loss of where to book your reception, consider the following tips when your wedding is on the larger side.

Ask About the Capacity Limits

As you begin checking out different reception venues, you need to consider just how large of a wedding you have planned. Depending on how many guests you're expecting, some venues could be a much better fit than others, making it important to ask questions about the capacity. This can quickly eliminate some options and leave you with only venues that could be a good match.

Look Into Vendors You Can Use

Some reception halls could have restrictions over vendors you choose such as a DJ or the caterer. While this could be fine if you haven't booked any of these yet since the reception venue can quickly point you towards which ones are a good match, this could be a problem if you have your heart set on specific vendors.

Asking questions about the restrictions can help you decide whether some vendors are going to be a good fit or not.

Consider the Distance to the Ceremony

Making sure to choose the perfect venue to hold your reception can also mean considering how close it is to where your wedding ceremony will be. Unless you're going to be renting a shuttle that can take guests to the reception venue, you don't want to have the ceremony be too far from the reception area.

Start Planning as Early as Possible

Getting started as early as possible with planning your wedding can be so important since you don't want to run into an issue where you're limited to venues due to their availability. Getting planning done as early as possible can ensure that you eliminate some venues right away and have more options so that you're not overpaying.

Since there are many different options for reception venues, the above tips can help you a lot with figuring out where you want it hosted and helping you avoid issues where you're unhappy with the venue. The above tips can narrow down venues and help you find somewhere that you'll be happy to have your reception hosted.


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