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Creating A Rain Contingency Plan For Your Outdoor Wedding

Martha Montgomery

Hosting your wedding and reception at an outdoor venue creates a beautiful backdrop for your special day. While you might be hoping for sunny skies and clear weather, it's important to create a contingency plan in case Mother Nature has other ideas in mind. Here are some helpful ideas you can use to plan for the potential of rain at your outdoor wedding venue.

Temporary Outdoor Walkways

As the rain begins to fall, the ground can become saturated. This makes it more difficult for your wedding party and guests to make their way through the venue, particularly for those wearing high heels. Work with your venue to install temporary outdoor walkways leading to the ceremony location and reception area. It's a good idea to have these walkways in place regardless of weather, as they can also make the venue easier to navigate for any friends and family members with mobility issues. Temporary walkways come in a variety of designs, from wood walks to those mimicking crisp white sidewalks. Your venue may already have materials for this idea on hand, but you can also rent walkways from local vendors.

Tented Reception

You can still enjoy all the benefits of an outdoor wedding under the protection of a tent. The tented reception keeps rainwater away from your buffet and plated dishes, and it also creates a shelter from the harsh sunlight on sunny days. Work with your venue to install a tent with roll-down walls, as these can be put into position to help keep gusts of wind and rain from putting a damper on your special day. If you are hosting your ceremony at the same venue, be sure to ask about any tent options that might be available for the area where you plan to recite your vows. Staff may be able to build this tent quickly in the event of a rainy weather forecast on the morning of your wedding.

Heat Lamps

Depending on where your outdoor wedding venue is located, you may find that rainy weather can result in a significant temperature drop. Adding heat lamps to the reception area can help guests stay warm and comfortable throughout your party. Be sure to position heat lamps close to the head table to keep the wedding party warm throughout the dinner and toasts. Adding extra lamps near the buffet tables or serving areas can also help prevent your food from getting cold before it is served.

Umbrella Party Favors

You likely want to pass out favors as a thank-you gift for all of your guests. For an outdoor wedding, umbrellas can be a perfect option. They provide shade on a hot, sunny day, and they offer shelter from the rain during a storm. Consider having a parking attendant pass the umbrellas out as guests leave their vehicles, as this provides them with protection from the elements before they arrive at your wedding ceremony and reception. 

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