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Planning A Winter Wedding? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Martha Montgomery

From the unique and gorgeous backdrop to the ability to save money due to the favorable off-season rates, there are several advantages to planning a winter wedding. If you live in an area that is known for heavy snowfall and cold or milder temperatures, it is important to plan for your guests to enjoy themselves during the chilly temperatures.

When it comes to planning a winter wedding, here are a few common mistakes to avoid.

Foregoing a Backup Venue

The weather in winter is unpredictable, which is why if you are planning an outdoor affair, it is critical to plan for a second venue. For example, if your wedding is in a park and it begins to snow or rain and you cannot enjoy your outdoor setting, have a local hotel or event center on standby for the occasion. Wait until the night before or morning of the wedding before you begin decorating for the ceremony.

If the weather looks favorable, go ahead and decorate your outdoor space. However, if there is any rain, snow, or unfavorable conditions expected, decorate your backup space instead.

Forgetting to Keep the Guests' Comfort in Mind

Nothing compares to a beautiful outdoor winter wedding. Unfortunately, the cooler temperatures can mean your guests might be uncomfortable. Here are a few simple things you can do to ensure your guests remain as warm as possible while enjoying your outdoor winter wedding:

  • Encourage guests to dress appropriately. Remind guests that the weather will be cooler and that they should dress accordingly and if necessary, bring along a coat.
  • Rent outdoor heaters. There are several options available, including propane and electric heaters. These are a great option if the temperatures will be chilly.
  • Provide blankets. Place blankets on the seats or ask an usher to hand out blankets to guests who want one while entering the venue.

Hand out mittens, hats, or hand warmers that are embroidered with the date and the bride and groom's initials to give guests a fun reminder of the occasion.

Foregoing Wedding Insurance

Finally, one of the biggest downfalls of planning a winter wedding is that the weather will be so inclement that you will have to call off the event. Purchasing wedding insurance with a clause that protects you against an unavoidable act, such as bad weather, will ensure that you will recoup the money you paid to your vendors.

Planning a winter wedding can be unforgettable, but only if you remember to avoid some of the most common mistakes couples can make.

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