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Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

4 Things To Do Before You Head To The Wedding Gown Shop And Say Yes To The Dress

Martha Montgomery

One of the most memorable moments you will experience as a bride-to-be is walking into the wedding gown shop with your friends and family by your side to purchase the wedding gown of your dreams. There is nothing quite like finding the perfect dress and anticipating the thrill of walking down the aisle on your wedding day. Following a few tips before you head to the wedding gown shop will help you choose the best dress for your special day and make your wedding gown shopping trip an enjoyable and memorable occasion. 

1) Define your perfect dress

One of the easiest ways to get started on your search for the perfect dress is to choose several words that describe your ultimate dress. To find your words, think about the first thing that comes to your mind when you envision your wedding gown. For instance, words like elegant, embellished, antique, simple, traditional, lacy, etc. can help you define what matters most to you. 

2) Do your research

When you see wedding gown images that catch your eye online or in a magazine, print or clip the images and save them in a folder or notebook. Choose all the dresses you like. Narrow your choices down by defining must-have features versus ones you can live without.

3) Be realistic

It is a common thing for brides-to-be to choose a dress in a smaller size, as they plan to lose a few pounds before the wedding. However, weight loss commitments may not come to fruition and can result in a dress that is too tight. Choose a dress in your current size and have alterations made if necessary.

4) Choose your crew wisely

While it can be tempting to invite all your friends and family to accompany you on your dress finding journey, limiting the size of your crew is best. Having too many opinions can make the process overwhelming. Select those friends and family members who are positive and generally express their opinions in a supportive way.

Being prepared when you walk into the wedding gown shop will make finding the perfect dress easier. Knowing what you are willing to compromise on and what is a deal breaker will make it easier to narrow down your choices. Planning ahead will not only help you find the right dress but will make the day more enjoyable and memorable for you and the ones who accompany you on your shopping day. Look for wedding gown shops in your area to visit. 


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