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Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

How to Host a Successful Barn Wedding

Martha Montgomery

If you are in the process of looking for a venue for your upcoming wedding, and you are looking for an option a bit outside the box, a barn wedding is an idea to keep in mind. All those who enjoy everything country will be sure to remember your big day for years to come. Here are some ideas to get you started with a memorable barn wedding event.

Encourage Guests to Dress the Part

Instead of traditional wedding gowns, suits and ties, and frilly dresses, ask guests to wear country attired to help set the mood of your wedding event. This not only helps in creating the right atmosphere but also allows guests to remain comfortable throughout your wedding and reception. Wearing boots is highly recommended if you intend on spending time outdoors to assist with getting through terrain without difficulty. Cowboy hats are also fun and provide shade to those wearing them.

Enjoy Having Plenty of Space for Fun

When you rent a barn for your wedding and reception, you have peace of mind in knowing you have plenty of space for guests to mingle, dance, feast and celebrate. When someone feels like getting away from the action for a bit, they simply need to walk outdoors to enjoy the grounds and natural landscaping of a country setting. Your guests have the best of both worlds, giving them plenty of variety and awe in experiencing an event in a location they do not normally frequent.

Use the Setting to Expand Upon Offered Amenities 

Some barn wedding venues have animals on-site to incorporate into your pictures. You may even be able to have a horse provide you with a grand entry to the event. To build upon the setting, offer guests a variety of country-inspired foods or host a barbecue with all the fixings. Bring along a lemonade stand for a festive feature. Encourage guests to try some line dancing or hire a country-western band to keep people moving on the dance floor.

Remember Your Wedding Day in a Pristine Setting

You likely want photographs taken to remember your special day. A wedding held at a barn provides you with photographs and videos sure to be conversation pieces in the future. Be sure to provide throwaway cameras for guests or encourage people attending to share any media they obtain with you via email after your big day ends. Pictures of you, your spouse, and guests in front of a majestic barn, decked out in country clothing, will help you to remember all the fun parts of your event.


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