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Tips for Planning an Elopement Wedding

Martha Montgomery

If you're thinking about tying the knot and want to explore all of your options, don't rule out an elopement wedding. People who want something private and small-scale will love these kinds of weddings, especially if you plan to fly out to an attractive, vibrant destination. The tips below will help you out with your elopement wedding so that you can get the results you'd like to see. 

Why is an elopement wedding an attractive option?

Consider why you'd like to elope. If you just don't desire a big wedding with lots of people around, you might prefer a simple elopement wedding package that includes a witness, a photographer, and a small ceremony. If you'd like to invite a dozen people or so and make it a small celebration, it might make sense to scout out some destination locations. Either way, elopement is a great option because you have more control over it. Many people prefer a more intimate affair with the people that they care about most, and an elopement wedding is perfect for that.  

What should you look into when you're thinking about eloping?

Make sure that you satisfy every part of the law when you're looking to elope. This means getting your forms of identification in order and figuring out which court system you're going to file for when you're looking to get a license. Depending on the state, you might pay about $30 or so for a wedding license. Knowing what details you need will help you figure out your budget so that your elopement is taken care of on your terms. 

Are you prepared to handle your elopement wedding?

Finally, make sure that you find a company that can help you put all the details together. Choose the best location to create the vibe and environment that you're looking into. Some great elopement wedding destination options include Reno, Park City, Virginia Beach, and the Florida Keys. You may want to make an entire vacation out of it and can extend your guests the option to look into different hotel or resort options. 

Figure out what kind of wedding officiant you'd prefer. Some people prefer to have an officiant with some religious credibility while others may prefer a secular wedding, or have someone in mind that they would like to handle it. 

Consider the tips in this article and start putting together an elopement wedding package for your special day. 


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