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Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

4 Reasons To Prioritize A Covered Outdoor Wedding Venue

Martha Montgomery

You may plan to look at wedding venues after getting engaged. An important part of the process is determining your priorities to help you pick an ideal venue. For instance, you may like some features and qualities of indoor and outdoor venues. A venue type worth prioritizing is a covered outdoor venue for the benefits that it can provide.


While indoor venues can get ample sunlight through windows and skylights, you will get the most sunlight control with an outdoor venue. For instance, you can find outdoor venues with a gazebo-like structure that provides solid overhead coverage to keep sunlight exposure minimal.

Another option is to prioritize glass-top covers to bring in as much sunlight as possible. You will likely find that each covered outdoor venue has a different sunlight exposure level. This makes it beneficial to analyze them all, especially in person, to figure out what you like the most.

Fresh Air

Going with an outdoor venue will give you plenty of fresh air to enjoy. You may prefer more fresh air than you can get with an indoor venue when you open all the windows. A gazebo or tent will still allow fresh air to pass through every direction, which can create desirable airflow.

Outdoor venues are usually able to avoid stagnant and stale air. This fact will keep the ceremony and reception area smelling good or neutral.


While an indoor venue will give you reliable weather protection, you can also enjoy protection when you choose a covered outdoor venue. Whether you get a glass, metal, or wood covering, you may know that rain and wind will not be able to get through solid coverage. This can give you the confidence to reserve your wedding during days or weeks that can get rainy or snowy.


When you envision getting married, you might love the idea of being in and around nature. A proper nature wedding can sometimes come with direct exposure to bugs, pests, and harsh weather conditions that you would rather avoid. Luckily, a covered outdoor venue can give you an ideal balance where you will still hear wind, animals, birds, and crickets in a protected area.

The nature sounds may be exactly what you want and need for an ideal wedding.

Using these tips when you start looking at wedding venues will help you choose one that is guaranteed to provide a positive experience.


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