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Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

3 Tips To Help With Securing A Last-Minute Wedding Venue

Martha Montgomery

Planning a wedding under normal circumstances is stressful enough but planning a last-minute wedding or dealing with a last-minute change can be nothing short of a nightmare, particularly when it comes to locating a central valley wedding venue. However, rest assured, you can find a venue so that your special day can continue as planned, even if you are short on time.

1. Wait to Send Save-the-Date Cards

Undoubtedly, you are excited to spread the word about your special day as soon as possible, so that all your family and friends can join in on the celebration. However, if you are dealing with a last-minute venue change – you should not send out the save-the-date cards just yet; give it a little time. 

The reason for this is that when you are looking for a venue at the last minute, you sometimes have to be flexible with your dates. For example, you might have the first Saturday in September in mind, when the venue only has the second weekend available. 

2. Hire a Planner

A wedding planner can do more than order flowers or help you find a caterer. Wedding planners are involved in every aspect of your special day. One of the best things these professionals can do is to use their industry connections to help you. 

Keep in mind that planners work with vendors all the time who network with one another. A planner might know about a location you have not considered yet, or they even might be able to work something out with a venue as a favor, even if the venue previously told you they did not have availability. 

3. Keep the Circle Small

Again, last-minute wedding planning is a stressful task, so do yourself a huge favor and keep your circle small. If you have too many people involved in the decision-making process, it will only complicate already stressful, time-limited tasks. 

In fact, the process will become more about what everyone else thinks. When instead it should be about what you want in a venue and realistically, what you have to choose from based on the amount of time you have. Ideally, it should only be you and your partner involved in the process, and your wedding planner if you decide to hire one. 

Keep all these last-minute venue-finding tips in mind as you plan for the special day to keep the process as stress-free as possible.


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