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5 Tips To Make The Sun An Asset At Your Beach Wedding

Martha Montgomery

The sun plays an integral role in any beach wedding. It's a star player, but it can also be a liability. How can you keep the former and avoid the latter? Here are a few key tips for managing the sun at your beach nuptials. 

1. Test It Out

The best way to decide when and where to hold your nuptials is to learn about the sun's patterns beforehand. Schedule a time when you or a representative can go there and spend some time noting how the sun moves, when it is hot or cold, and how it may affect guests. If you can't do this, look for a venue that regularly hosts beach weddings at that spot so they know what to do. 

2. Work With a Photo Pro

The sun makes great wedding photos, but it can also ruin them. Look for a photographer with experience and a portfolio that includes beach weddings — perhaps even at your chosen beach. Listen to their recommendations about things like the use of the golden hour, sun angles, and ceremony placement. 

3. Remember Your Guests

A beachside wedding isn't just about the couple saying 'I do.' It's also about your guests, so don't forget them. If it will be hot on the sand, remember that guests will be there longer than the wedding party. Provide shade, seating, or even wedding-themed sunglasses. You may also need to angle the audience so they aren't staring directly into the sun. 

4. Know Your Priorities

Find your timing by knowing where you want the sun at a key moment. Do you want it behind you as you exchange vows? That's great, but it also means it won't be in the right place for a wedding photo shoot. Want a sunset ceremony? Remember that everything afterward will be in the dark. There's no right or wrong to these choices, but you should prioritize your most important elements. 

4. Use Photo Tricks

Taking photos in bright sunlight can result in awkward pictures. Whether it's squinty and closed eyes or backlit subjects, that amazing natural light isn't always easy to work with. But there are some simple photography tips and tricks that will help — things like standing at the right angle facing the sun. Learn these and pass the word around your wedding party and guests so everyone gets better pics. 

Where to Start

Ready to start planning the best beach wedding possible? Begin by meeting with a beach wedding provider in your chosen area today. With their help and these tips, the sun will be one of the greatest assets on your greatest day. 


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