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Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

Two Wedding Dresses Or A Single Convertible Dress? How To Decide

Martha Montgomery

While every bride deserves a great wedding dress, some are opting for two (or even more!). However, this trend is countered by the growing popularity of convertible bridal gowns instead. Which is right for you? Here are a few things to know about both choices. 

Why Choose a Convertible Dress?

Probably the best reason to skip the second dress and use a convertible one is the cost. You may spend a little more for the convertible style, but you still only buy one dress. Then, you can put that extra money into some other important part of your wedding rather than another dress you won't wear for long. 

Convertible dresses are also designed to be complementary to one another. They provide a different look — such as changing from a ballgown to a mini dress — but both are cohesive and blend with your overall wedding day theme. 

Finally, you don't have to spend extra time finding an entirely new second look. For many brides who are already up to their eyeballs in wedding planning, this is an extra task that they may not have the time and energy for. Instead, a single convertible outfit uses most of the same accessories, including shoes, jewelry, and undergarments. 

Why Choose a Second Dress?

Some convertible dresses provide two very distinct looks. However, many of them don't radically alter the basic look and feel of the dress. Alterations in the skirt style, sleeves, or train may not be as big of a change as you want. It may not provide the 'wow factor' that a completely different reception dress does. 

One of the main reasons that brides want a different reception dress is that they want to be comfortable, to dance, and to move freely at the party. Depending on the style of the ceremony dress, this comfort may not be possible with any type of conversion. When you choose two distinct styles, you can have the form-fitting mermaid ceremony dress and the boho party dress of your dreams. 

Where Should You Start?

Clearly, there are great reasons for any bride to choose either a second dress or a convertible style. Find out which is right for you by meeting with an experienced wedding dress designer in your local area. They'll work with you to identify your dress goals, budget, style, and other considerations so you can have the best day ever — no matter what that looks like for you. For more information, contact a company like Bridal Parlour.


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