Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

  • Reasons To Book A Wedding Venue Package For Your Big Day

    Are you excited about your upcoming wedding but dreading the amount of time and money you might have to spend to make your dream day a reality? Today, some couples are choosing to use a wedding venue that can provide a package deal for everything they may need. Here's why you should talk to a local venue about wedding venue packages to see if there is one that is the right choice for you and your future spouse.

  • Two Wedding Dresses Or A Single Convertible Dress? How To Decide

    While every bride deserves a great wedding dress, some are opting for two (or even more!). However, this trend is countered by the growing popularity of convertible bridal gowns instead. Which is right for you? Here are a few things to know about both choices.  Why Choose a Convertible Dress? Probably the best reason to skip the second dress and use a convertible one is the cost. You may spend a little more for the convertible style, but you still only buy one dress.

  • Tips For Success When Hosting A Wedding At An Outdoor Venue

    Hosting an outdoor wedding can be a wonderful idea, but of course, there are some challenges that you have to worry about. If you're hoping to host your wedding outdoors and want to help ensure that your ceremony goes as smoothly as possible, these are a few tips for success that you should keep in mind. Find the Right Outdoor Venue There are many great outdoor venues, and you'll probably enjoy your wedding a whole lot more if you pick the right venue.

  • 5 Tips To Make The Sun An Asset At Your Beach Wedding

    The sun plays an integral role in any beach wedding. It's a star player, but it can also be a liability. How can you keep the former and avoid the latter? Here are a few key tips for managing the sun at your beach nuptials.  1. Test It Out The best way to decide when and where to hold your nuptials is to learn about the sun's patterns beforehand. Schedule a time when you or a representative can go there and spend some time noting how the sun moves, when it is hot or cold, and how it may affect guests.

  • 3 Tips To Help With Securing A Last-Minute Wedding Venue

    Planning a wedding under normal circumstances is stressful enough but planning a last-minute wedding or dealing with a last-minute change can be nothing short of a nightmare, particularly when it comes to locating a central valley wedding venue. However, rest assured, you can find a venue so that your special day can continue as planned, even if you are short on time. 1. Wait to Send Save-the-Date Cards Undoubtedly, you are excited to spread the word about your special day as soon as possible, so that all your family and friends can join in on the celebration.

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