Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

  • 4 Reasons To Prioritize A Covered Outdoor Wedding Venue

    You may plan to look at wedding venues after getting engaged. An important part of the process is determining your priorities to help you pick an ideal venue. For instance, you may like some features and qualities of indoor and outdoor venues. A venue type worth prioritizing is a covered outdoor venue for the benefits that it can provide. Sunlight  While indoor venues can get ample sunlight through windows and skylights, you will get the most sunlight control with an outdoor venue.

  • Skipping The Plated Wedding Meal? Some Do's And Don'ts

    Are you one of the increasing number of couples who want to skip the traditional seated, plated reception dinner? While this may feel like an unconventional — or even radical — move, it has an array of benefits. But to make it the most successful it can be, follow these important do's and don'ts.  Do Splurge Elsewhere. If you'll save significant money by paring down the catering, service, and full meals, spend that money on other wedding aspects that mean more to you.

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Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

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