Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

Coming Together: A Wedding Blog

  • Things To Check Before You Make Your Entrance From The Hayloft

    Choosing to have your wedding and reception in a barn presents you with a number of unique ways to use this space. Where the reception is concerned, it's common for the newly married couple to make a grand entrance to the applause of those in attendance. While you and your new spouse can certainly walk in the main door, another option is to gather in the hayloft above the barn and then walk down the stairs as the group watches.

  • Throw a Movie-Themed Sweet Sixteen Party

    If your daughter is a movie buff and enjoys everything from classic horror flicks to comedy films, use a movie theme for her 'Sweet Sixteen' party. Turning sixteen is a milestone that many adolescents enjoy spending with their peers. Sweet Sixteen party venues that include a dining area and plenty of room for custom activities will provide an ideal setting for the festivities. Choose a Genre or a Specific Movie

  • How To Make Your Farm Wedding Venue Unique And Stunning

    Finding a unique and fun venue for your wedding can be a challenge. You may want the perfect mix of a rustic and beautiful setting but you want that venue elevated so it's elegant and stunning. You can have the best of both worlds. You simply choose a farm wedding. How do you make a farm wedding unique and stunning? Here are some ideas to help make your farm wedding venue elegant and beautiful for your special day.

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